Dr Forat Sadry, consultant in radiology, President of Africomed

Forat has been going to Bwindi since 2007 and gave herself the first aim of developing and teaching ultrasound and conventional radiology. The development of other specialities was possible thanks to the efforts of the other founding members


Dr Angel Saurina, consultant in gynaecology and obstetrics, ex Vice-president of Africomed

Angel has been the main driver in fundraising, multiplying quests and presentations, and he is responsible for the training of an excellent gynaecologist on site. He also collaborated extensively with the surgeons.


Dr Konstantinos Nassiopoulos, consultant in surgery

Kosta is the one person who developed surgery, doing difficult operations without general anaesthesia and teaching the local doctors.


Mrs Heidi Saurina, Treasurer of Africomed

More than being a treasurer, her pragmatism is of use every day.


Dr Pierre-André Vuilleumier, consultant in anaesthesiology

After a painful beginning in poorly organized operating theatres, Pierre-André has been the initiator of general anaesthesia. Exceptionally gifted in difficult situations, he enabled the surgeons to work whatever the circumstances.


Maître Francine Defferrard, lawyer, Secretary of Africomed

She has the generosity of putting her legal expertise to serve the association.


Dr Grégory Bruelhart, FMH en gynécologie-obstétrique.